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HBO: The Wire: Cast & Crew

The Law

Officer James "Jimmy" McNulty Jimmy McNulty stares

played by Dominic West

Colonel Cedric Daniels Cedric Daniels glares

played by Lance Reddick

Detective William "Bunk" Moreland Bunk Moreland stares

played by Wendell Pierce

Detective Lester Freamon Lester Freamon stares

played by Clarke Peters

Sergeant Ellis Carver Ellis Carver stares

played by Seth Gilliam

Officer Thomas "Herc" Hauk Herc Hauk listens

played by Domenick Lombardozzi

Detective Leander Sydnor Leander Sydnor stares

played by Corey Parker Robinson

Police Commissioner Ervin H. Burrell Ervin Burrell stares

played by Frankie R. Faison

Detective Edward Norris Ed Norris listens

played by Ed Norris

Sergeant Jay Landsman Jay Landsman on telephone

played by Delaney Williams

Lieutenant Dennis Mello Dennis Mello stares

played by Jay Landsman

Detective Vernon Holley Vernon Holley stares

played by Brian Anthony Wilson

Detective Michael Crutchfield Michael Crutchfield stares

played by Gregory Williams

State's Attorney Rupert Bond Rupert Bond listens

played by Dion Graham

Judge Daniel Phelan Daniel Phelan smiles

played by Peter Gerety

Officer Kenneth Dozerman Kenneth Dozerman listens

played by Rick Otto

Officer Michael Santangelo Michael Santangelo stares

played by Michael Salconi

Officer Bobby Brown Bobby Brown stares

played by Bobby Brown

Officer Anthony Colicchio Anthony Colicchio stares

played by Benjamin Busch

The Street

Omar Little Omar Little stares

played by Michael K. Williams

Bubbles Bubbles stares

played by Andre Royo

Marlo Stanfield Marlo Stanfield stares

played by Jamie Hector

Chris Partlow Chris Partlow stares

played by Gbenga Akinnagbe

Maurice "Maury" Levy Maury Levy listens

played by Michael Kostroff

Felicia "Snoop" Pearson Snoop Pearson stares

played by Felicia Pearson

Proposition Joe Stewart Proposition Joe listens

played by Robert F. Chew

Dennis "Cutty" Wise Dennis Cutty Wise stares

played by Chad L. Coleman

Calvin "Cheese" Wagstaff Cheese Wagstaff smirks

played by Method Man

Slim Charles Slim Charles stares

played by Anwan Glover

Preston "Bodie" Broadus Bodie Broadus stares

played by JD Williams

Kenard Kenard listens

played by Thuliso Dingwall

Roland "Wee-Bey" Brice Wee-bay Brice stares

played by Hassan Johnson

Avon Barksdale Avon Barksdale stares

played by Wood Harris

D'Angelo Barksdale Dangelo Barksdale stares

played by Larry Gilliard, Jr.

Russell "Stringer" Bell Stringer Bell stares

played by Idris Elba

Brother Mouzone Brother Mouzone stares

played by Michael Potts

Malik "Poot" Carr Poot Carr stares

played by Tray Chaney

Walon Walon stares

played by Steve Earle

Butchie Butchie stares

played by S. Robert Morgan

Monk Monk stares

played by Kwame Patterson

The Paper

City Editor Augustus "Gus" Haynes Gus Haynes listens

played by Clark Johnson

Scott Templeton Scott Templeton stares

played by Tom McCarthy

Alma Gutierrez Alma Gutierrez listens

played by Michelle Paress

Managing Editor Thomas Klebanow Thomas Klebanow stares

played by David Costabile

Mike Fletcher Mike Fletcher stares

played by Brandon Young

Bill Zorzi Bill Zorzi stares

played by William F. Zorzi

Rewrite Man Jay Spry Jay Spry stares

played by Donald Neal

State Editor Tim Phelps Tim Phelps listens

played by Tom McCarthy

Jeff Price Jeff Price listens

played by Todd Scofield

Metro Editor Steven Luxenberg Steven Luxenberg stares

played by Robert Poletick

Roger Twigg Roger Twigg stares

played by Bruce Kirkpatrick

The Hall

Mayor Thomas "Tommy" Carcetti Tommy Carcetti stares

played by Aidan Gillen

Norman Wilson Norman Wilson stares

played by Reg E. Cathey

Former Mayor Clarence V. Royce Clarence Royce speaks

played by Glynn Turman

State Senator R. Clayton "Clay" Davis Clay Davis smiles

played by Isiah Whitlock, Jr.

State Delegate Odell Watkins Odell Watkins stares

played by Frederick Strother

City Councilwoman Marla Daniels Marla Daniels smirks

played by Maria Broom

Council President Nerese Campbell Nerese Campbell stares

played by Marlyne Afflack

Jennifer Carcetti Jennifer Carcetti in hardhat

played by Megan Anderson

The Port

Frank Sobotka Frank Sobotka stares

played by Chris Bauer

Nick Sobotka Nick Sobotka stares

played by Pablo Schreiber

Ziggy Ziggy stares

played by James Ransone

Spiros "Vondas" Vondopoulos Vondas stares

played by Paul Ben Victor

Sergei "Serge" Malatov Serge Malatov in prison

played by Chris Ashworth

The Greek The Greek stares

played by Bill Raymond

Horseface Horseface smiles

played by Charley Scalies

The School

Namond Brice Namond Brice stares

played by Julito McCullum

Michael Lee Michael Lee stares

played by Tristan Wilds

Randy Wagstaff Randy Wagstaff stares

played by Maestro Harrell

Duquan "Dukie" Weems Dukie Weems stares

played by Jermaine Crawford

Roland "Prez" Pryzbylewski Roland Pryzbylewski stares

played by Jim True-Frost

Howard "Bunny" Colvin Bunny Colvin smiles

played by Robert Wisdom

Principal Claudell Withers Claudell Withers stares

played by Richard Hidlebird

Assistant Principal Marcia Donnelly Marcia Donnelly stares

played by Tootsie Duvall

UM Professor David Parenti David Parenti stares

played by Dan Deluca


David Simon

Executive Producer, Creator, Writer

Nina K. Noble

Executive Producer

Robert F. Colesberry

Executive Producer

Joe Chappelle

Co-Executive Producer

Ed Burns

Co-Executive Producer, Writer

Karen L. Thorson


George Pelecanos



David Simon

Ed Burns

David Mills

Richard Price

Dennis Lehane

George Pelecanos

William F. Zorzi

Chris Collins


Joe Chappelle

Ernest Dickerson

Joy and Scott Kecken

Dan Attias

Agnieszka Holland

Seith Mann

Dominic West

Anthony Hemingway

Clark Johnson