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HBO: The Sopranos: Cast & Crew


Tony Soprano Tony Soprano jacket hands resting on shovel

played by James Gandolfini

Carmela Soprano Carmela Soprano close up head tilted

played by Edie Falco

Dr. Jennifer Melfi Dr Jennifer Melfi leans on door

played by Lorraine Bracco

Christopher Moltisanti Christopher Moltisanti on phone leather jacket

played by Michael Imperioli

Corrado "Junior" Soprano Junior Soprano looking angry

played by Dominic Chianese

Silvio Dante Silvio Dante bright blazer striped shirt

played by Steven Van Zandt

Paulie Walnuts Paulie Walnuts close up leaning on bar

played by Tony Sirico

Meadow Soprano Meadow Soprano close up smiling

played by Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Anthony Soprano, Jr. AJ Soprano sitting in chair shrugging shoulder

played by Robert Iler

Adriana La Cerva Adriana La Cerva red shirt looking down

played by Drea de Matteo

Bobby "Bacala" Baccalieri Bobby Bacala blue shirt hand against wall

played by Steven R. Schirripa

Janice Soprano Janice Soprano white sweater black top

played by Aida Turturro

Artie Bucco Artie Bucco close up looking down

played by John Ventimiglia

Johnny "Sack" Sacramoni Johnny Sack Sacramoni orange prison suit

played by Vince Curatola

Tony Blundetto Tony Blundetto tux on

played by Steve Buscemi

Michele "Feech" La Manna Michele Feech La Manna close up smiling

played by Robert Loggia

Phil Leotardo Phil Leotardo outside leaning on brick wall

played by Frank Vincent

Ralph Cifaretto Ralph Cifaretto eating at table fork in hand

played by Joe Pantoliano

Furio Giunta Furio Giunta close up

played by Federico Castelluccio

Sal "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero Big Pussy Bonpensiero

played by Vincent Pastore

Richie Aprile Richie Aprile looking over shoulder

played by David Proval

Charmaine Bucco Charmaine Bucco close up eyes squinted

played by Kathrine Narducci

Gabriella Dante Gabrielle Dante dotted scarf

played by Maureen Van Zandt

Rosalie Aprile Rosalie Aprile fur coat on

played by Sharon Angela

Hesh Rabkin Hesh Rabkin brown blazer lips clasped

played by Jerry Adler

Livia Soprano Livia Soprano talking on phone

played by Nancy Marchand

Gloria Trillo Gloria Trillo

played by Annabella Sciorra

Dr. Elliot Kupferberg Dr Elliot Kupferberg sits in chair listening

played by Peter Bogdonavich

Eugene Pontecorvo Eugene Pontecorvo looks concerned

played by Robert Funaro

Patsy Parisi Patsy Parisi  close up smiling

played by Dan Grimaldi

Vito Spatafore Vito Spatafore blue jacket on cell phone

played by Joe Gannascoli

Benny Fazio Benny Fazio close up looking to side

played by Max Casella

Carmine Lupertazzi Carmine Lupertazzi blue sweater blue shirt outside

played by Tony Lip

Little Carmine Lupertazzi Little Carmine Lupertazzi cowboy hat leaning on car

played by Ray Abruzzo

Little Paulie Germani Little Paulie Germani earphones around neck

played by Carl Capotorto

Kelli Lombardo Moltisanti Kelli Lombardo Moltisanti close up fall

played by Cara Buono


David Chase

Creator, Executive Producer

Mitchell Burgess

Executive Producer

Robin Green

Executive Producer

Brad Grey

Executive Producer

Ilene S. Landress

Executive Producer

Matthew Weiner

Executive Producer

Terence Winter

Executive Producer

Henry J. Bronchtein

Co-Executive Producer

Diane Frolov

Supervising Producer

Andrew Schneider

Supervising Producer

Martin Bruestle


Gianna Smart


Scott Hornbacher



David Chase

Mitchell Burgess

Robin Green

Diane Frolov

Andrew Schnieder

Matthew Weiner

Terence Winter


Jack Bender

Peter Bogdanovich

Steve Buscemi

Allen Coulter

Mike Figgis

Rodrigo Garcia

Danny Leiner

David Nutter

John Patterson

Steve Shill

Alan Taylor

Tim Van Patten