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Download postcards of your favorite moments from The Ricky Gervais Show.

"I don't wear a tie. I would if it had pockets." -Karl Pilkington Download Tie with pockets

"My gift to the world has been you, Karl." -Ricky Gervais Download Gift to the world

"Karl, what doesn't annoy you?" -Ricky Gervais Download What annoys Karl

"He's just a baldheaded fool." -Ricky Gervais Download Bald fool

"A fat person always has the fridge door open." -Karl Pilkington Download Fat person

"You know how you get fed up being yourself." -Karl Pilkington Download Fed up being yourself

"I got stuck with an old fellow with a flatulence problem." -Karl Pilkington Download Stuck with an old fellow

"I've been in my body for years." -Karl Pilkington Download Been in my body for years

"I want to hear Karl's opinion on this. I don't want to know...facts." -Stephen Merchant Download Karl's opion