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Season 3

Episode 39

Karl ruminates on the insect world; Stephen recalls the horrors of buying condoms.

Episode 39 Episode 39

Episode 38

Ricky, Stephen and Karl ponder the problem of overzealous sports fans; Karl shares his saliva-volume test.

Episode 38 Episode 38

Episode 37

Karl interprets the meaning of wartime sayings and imagines a scenario in which he is the wife of a GI.

Episode 37 Episode 37

Episode 36

Ricky, Stephen and Karl discuss the laws of society and civil rights.

Episode 36 Episode 36

Episode 35

Karl contemplates the beginnings of the Universe, evolution, recycling and toilets abroad.

Episode 35 Episode 35

Episode 34

Karl shares his thoughts on medical advancements, how being sick makes him feel better, and his idea for a machine that would allow doctors to feel their patients' pain.

Episode 34 Episode 34

Episode 33

Ricky, Stephen and Karl discuss capital punishment, the Ten Commandments and hostage negotiation.

Episode 33 Episode 33

Episode 32

Ricky, Stephen and Karl discuss the essence of Englishness, and what other nationality Karl would like to be.

Episode 32 Episode 32

Episode 31

Karl describes to Ricky and Stephen a typical day in the life of Karl Pilkington.

Episode 31 Episode 31

Episode 30

Ricky, Stephen and Karl discuss what things Karl would banish from the world, and what item he would take if stranded on an island.

Episode 30 Episode 30

Episode 29

Karl explains why he would have liked to join the Army and recounts his most harrowing acts of bravery.

Episode 29 Episode 29

Episode 28

Karl, Stephen and Ricky shed new light on charitable causes.

Episode 28 Episode 28

Episode 27

Karl ruminates on museum collections, his invention for a mug coaster, and a new movie pitch.

Episode 27 Episode 27

Season 2

Episode 26

Ricky asks Karl if he would give up his real life to live in a virtual-reality isolation tank.

Episode 26 Episode 26

Episode 25

Stephen asks, 'What is art?'; Ricky ponders great works that could be portrayed by Muppets.

Episode 25 Episode 25

Episode 24

Karl shares his thoughts about the two sides of the brain and sixth sense.

Episode 24 Episode 24

Episode 23

Karl tells of his recent visit to a 'professional leg rubber.'

Episode 23 Episode 23

Episode 22

Ricky brings up the topic of undiscovered species and shares an idea for the 'Car of the Future.'

Episode 22 Episode 22

Episode 21

Ricky reads some predictions for the future from a study, which leads Karl to share his theories.

Episode 21 Episode 21

Episode 20

Karl ponders height extremes when he learns that one of his new fans is the actor Warwick Davis.

Episode 20 Episode 20

Episode 19

Karl tells the story of having kidney stones; Karl ponders a phenomenon; Karl's Diary; and more.

Episode 19 Episode 19

Episode 18

Karl shares that he often goes on walks to observe ants, moths and other insects and that he once saw a bee have a heart attack.

Episode 18 Episode 18

Episode 17

Karl asks the question, does the brain control you or do you control the brain?

Episode 17 Episode 17

Episode 16

Ricky reads some little known facts to Karl, such as sharks are immune to cancer.

Episode 16 Episode 16

Episode 15

How would Karl spend a day with his doppelganger?

Episode 15 Episode 15

Episode 14

Karl describes his recent pitch to a movie studio.

Episode 14 Episode 14

Season 1

Episode 13

A news report leads Karl to worry that aliens will try to read his mind.

Episode 13 Episode 13

Episode 12

Stephen asks Karl a few of the questions posed to guests on Inside the Actors Studio; plus, news items from Karl's Diary.

Episode 12 Episode 12

Episode 11

What is the most romantic thing Karl has done for his girlfriend?

Episode 11 Episode 11

Episode 10

Karl's discusses his unusual approach to teaching.

Episode 10 Episode 10

Episode 9

Karl is asked about his childhood.

Episode 9 Episode 9

Episode 8

A fan letter asks Karl if he were on a sinking ship and could only save either Ricky or Stephen, who would he choose to save?

Episode 8 Episode 8

Episode 7

Ricky and Stephen read passages from Karl's diary, which chronicle his daily observations, as well as profound thoughts.

Episode 7 Episode 7

Episode 6

In Monkey News: A union-busting chimp willing to work for peanuts.

Episode 6 Episode 6

Episode 5

Karl answers questions from fans, including which of the Top 50 Freaks of All Time he would like to meet.

Episode 5 Episode 5

Episode 4

Karl admits to getting a face rub at a spa but frets he'll end up getting an enema as well.

Episode 4 Episode 4

Episode 3

Karl offers up a serum that ages dead people backwards.

Episode 3 Episode 3

Episode 2

Stephen shares a news story about 42 midget warriors who were mutilated by a single lion in a Cambodian ring fight.

Episode 2 Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Episode 1