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High Maintenance 02: Museebat

Duration :


Summary: Eesha, a young girl living with her aunt and uncle in Brooklyn, struggles to be a "normal college student" despite her family's stringent religious values. The Guy delivers to Leo and Gigi, a seemingly boring couple throwing an intimate gathering for Leo's birthday - an event marked by accusations, recriminations, and a troubling revelation. (TVMA) (AC,AL,BN)

PRODUCER : Gwen Bialic,Katja Blichfeld,Ben Sinclair,Russell Gregory,Willy Friedman

CAST : Ben Sinclair,Katja Blichfeld,Shazi Raja,Amy Ryan,Dan Stevens,Lee Tergesen,Miriam Shor,Marisol Miranda

WRITER : Katja Blichfeld,Ben Sinclair

DIRECTOR : Katja Blichfeld,Ben Sinclair

CREATOR : Katja Blichfeld,Ben Sinclair

Genre : Comedy