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Animals. 10: Episode Ten: Turkeys

Duration :


Summary: Season One Finale. After his wife is taken from him, a turkey seeks revenge on the mayor during the Thanksgiving parade. Two rat teens venture out of the sewer and discover the joys and horrors of life above ground. (TVMA) ()

CAST : Phil Matarese,Mike Luciano,Danny McBride,Jessica Chastain,Dennis Gubbins,Katie Aselton,Mark Duplass,Cyren Howe,Declan Carter,Chloe Coleman,Sam Lavagnino

PRODUCER : Josh Polon,Jen Roskind,James Fino,Joe Russo II,Kenny Micka,Mark Duplass,Jay Duplass,Phil Matarese,Mike Luciano

WRITER : Phil Matarese,Mike Luciano

DIRECTOR : Phil Matarese,Mike Luciano,Wes Archer

CREATOR : Phil Matarese,Mike Luciano

Genre : Comedy