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Dive Into Insecure with the Insecuritea Podcast

Dive Into Insecure with the Insecuritea Podcast

Podcast extraordinaires Crissle West (The Read) and Francheska Medina (HeyFranHey) sip, share and spill on all things Insecure with a dynamic discussion known as Insecuritea.

Season 2

The second season is heating up. Get a taste of each episode, below, and listen to the full podcast episodes from both seasons on SoundCloud. Spoilers follow.

Episode 8: Hella Perspective

On Issa and Lawrences Emotional Talk
Honestly, I admire them both.  Fran

It was well-handled.  Crissle

That scene right there: he left and she closed the door, and they both just left it alone. I was like, wow. Im a romantic, a hopeless, helpless romantic, so I would have run down and grabbed him.  Fran

Episode 7: Hella Disrespectful

On Lawrence and Aparna
I guess Im not surprised that Lawrence is already starting something new, again. Im like, bro& did he not learn anything? He just hurt someone. He didnt resolve anything with Issa, jumps into a new thing, hurts her, jumps into a new thing? This is wild.   Fran

Why cant you be by your f**king self somewhere?  Crissle

Episode 6: Hella Blows

On Issa Showing Up at Eddies Unannounced

I couldnt believe she did that.  Crissle
It makes me so uncomfortable. At first I got it, but now its getting to the point where like, girl, now youre just being ridiculous.  Franchesca Ramsey
She seems pressed. At this point its a little pressed.  Fran
Its not even just a hoe phase because you want to have one, but because you feel like you need to have one.  Crissle

Episode 5: Hella Shook

On Frieda and Issa's Conflict
"Frieda's making it clear in this scene that she's just not going to let it go. Issa's gonna have to say something. And it's another situation where I see both sides of what's going on here."  Crissle

"Right, because Issa said to her, 'Well, it must be nice to have the privilege of deciding when you want to be frustrated with a situation.' In a way, yes, there's a part of Issa that's trying to create a successful program so her boss can get off her back. But I do think she genuinely wants this program to work."  Fran

Episode 4: Hella L.A.

On Issa and Daniels Kiss n Grind Reunion
I think [Issa] realized, with the incident with Daniel, had she resisted that, she and Lawrence would still be together. Maybe she would still be miserable or frustrated with him and maybe he would have never gotten his shit together -- or maybe he would have and they would have gotten out of the rough patch. But she dont know, because she went on and scratched that itch with Daniel.  Crissle

On Lawrence Parking Outside Issas Place
What the f**k what that about? That was so random. I guess in a way, [Lawrence] got [his feelings] hurt just now -- he got bruised the f**k up -- and it was a reflex to go back to Issa. Cant go to Tasha. We dont know, but it was his reflex to go home. I get it, in that sense, on an emotional level. But on another level, I was like, get out of here! What if she pulls up?  Fran

Episode 3: Hella Open

On the We Got Yall Debacle
I think, deep down, Issa knows that Frieda has a really good point, but she doesnt want to be wrong, she doesnt want to prove her co-workers right about the school and she wants to show that she can actually do the work. And when your love life is falling apart, you might as well pour everything into work.  Crissle

On Lawrence Bailing on the BBQ
When [men] are hurt, because you [you guys] dont process your emotions& And I get it& [its] the way society is set up, youre not really encouraged to do that. But you guys hide under other people for your healing. You go and expect a woman to take on your bulls**t [in order] to heal you, and then when youre healed, you just move on and throw her away.  Fran

Episode 2: Hella Questions

On Issas Confusion Towards Lawrence

I think its clear that [Issas] in that in-between phase where she knows that the relationship is over -- technically -- and she should be moving on, but shes still holding onto that hope of maybe they can work it out.  Crissle

On Tasha Forgiving Lawrence

For two seconds, I was so hyped because I admire women who are so clear-cut. And the way she was in that previous living room scene& But now I guess shes like, You know what, Im not letting him go.  Fran


Episode 1: Hella Great

On Mollys Dating Woes

Everybody has their brand of crazy. It takes a special dude to recognize your crazy and be like, Im not afraid of it. She just hasnt met that dude thats not afraid.   Yvonne Orji

On Issa Finding Lawrences Jury Duty Notice

How much could you relate to Issa being genuinely hyped that he has to come pick up a letter?  Fran

The wheels started turning immediately.  Crissle

Season 1

Whether youre bingeing for the first time or just want to relive the realness, here are the Insecuritea installments from Insecures debut season.

Episode 1: Insecure As F**k

On Yvonne and Issa

It was good to see two dark-skinned black women in these leading roles and not really embracing the black girl magic,  not that they dont have it   but its more of I dont really feel black girl magic-y, I kinda feel black girl shitty.   Crissle

On Lawrence and Issas Relationship

Its that dangerous space of not being happy, but not being unhappy enough to leave, so youre kind of there.  Fran

Episode 2: Messy As F**k

On Dating App Culture

So in other words, whether its in real life or apps, dating sucks.  Fran

Thats what Molly was trying to get Issa to see, like Girl, youve been out of the game for a while, you dont understand. Youve forgotten, but its rough.   Crissle

Episode 3: Racist As F**k

On Code-Switching

I grew up with the message of around white people or at work or at school you do this, and its definitely rooted in respectability politics.  Crissle

Yeah, because you have to represent the entire black race.  Fran

Especially if youre the only one there, because that means now you are the black and if you do not perform as well as everyone else, then itll be a discredit to the whole race. But if youre at the top of your class, then youre an exception, an anomaly; no other black people would have done it, youre just the only one.  Crissle

Episode 4: Thirsty As F**k

On Mollys Dating Faux Pas

Its still really annoying to have somebody youve only gone out with for a few times checking up on you like that& Shes going from two or three dates in her mind to like, were basically in a relationship.   Crissle

Episode 5: Shady As F**k

On Dating Expectations

Until you light a fire under your ass and try to reach your potential, theres not a reason for me to date you.  Crissle

Ive dated people who made more or looked better on paper or had these advanced careers and advanced degrees... and they were still sh**ty.  Fran

I think theres something to be said that black women have been asked to settle for whatever& There are lots of black women who have to watch their white counterparts be able to say freely I dont date guys who dont have this or this.   Crissle

Episode 6: Guilty As F**k

On Issas Guilt

Speaking of doing the most for somebody, Issas guilty conscience is overcompensating in a big way.  Crissle

Daniel shouldve been changed in her phone to Danielle a long time ago.  Crissle

Episode 7: Real As F**k

On Bigger Themes

Issa is bringing in the mental health conversation. She just brings in so many layers that are so valuable to our community.  Fran

Its not that black girls are killing it and we totally understand everything about intersectionality, wellness and being good to ourselves. These are complicated black characters and everybodys fucked up in at least one real way.  Crissle

Episode 8: Broken As F**k

On Relatability

I thought it was going to be a really silly show, but they were able to integrate humor and delve into really deep topics. And the way they did it, it wasnt too heavy, but it was really thought-provoking.  Fran

I love that we get to see so many different kinds of black women, not just on TV, but on one show. Its not just a friend group made up of the same type of black girl who have the same background and went to the same school. It looks a lot more like real life in this show.  Crissle



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