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Season 2

Episode 22

Another edition of 'United States Police Department'; the Movie of the Week, 'The Terrys'; and 'Baby Boss.'

Episode 22 Episode 22

Episode 21

Brick Novax's Diary'; the dramatic conclusion of 'Lady Refs'; 'Jeff Baker: Junior College Professor,' starring Fred Willard; and more.

Episode 21 Episode 21

Episode 20

'Do You Want to See a Dead Body?' with Warren Sapp; part 3 of 'Lady Refs'; 'Body Boys: Legend of the Pipers,' and more.

Episode 20 Episode 20

Episode 19

'Tijuana Jackson: Life Coach'; 'Lady Refs'; 'Adam West Hits On You...Hard,' with Adam West; and more.

Episode 19 Episode 19

Episode 18

A love triangle forms in 'Lady Refs'; three women track down a cheating husband in 'The Burn Unit'; and 'Sticky Minds,' with Kristen Wiig.

Episode 18 Episode 18

Episode 17

A new episode of 'Tijuana Jackson: Life Coach'; part two of 'Death Hunt'; an entry from 'Brick Novax's Diary'; more.

Episode 17 Episode 17

Episode 16

Sunday morning sitcom 'It's Gert'; Movie of the Week 'Death Hunt'; 'Men of Unquiet Desperation: The Prick'; and more.

Episode 16 Episode 16

Episode 15

"Do You Want to See a Dead Body?" featuring Ben Stiller; "Brick Novax's Diary"; "Adam West Hits on You...Hard"; "John and Will's Animal Choices"; the "Amazing Adventures of David & Jennie"

Episode 15 Episode 15

Episode 14

'Tijuana Jackson: Life Coach;' an episode of 'United States Police Department;' the Funny or Die Movie of the Week, 'Paco Dances,' more.

Episode 14 Episode 14

Episode 13

Rob Huebel and Deepak Chopra; Gary Cole as an FBI agent; a woman describes an anatomical anomaly.

Episode 13 Episode 13

Season 1

Episode 12

A dramatic conclusion to "Holdup" plus another edition of "Playground Politics."

Episode 12 Episode 12

Episode 11

"The Amazing Adventures of David and Jennie," "Designated Driver," and "Space Baby."

Episode 11 Episode 11

Episode 10

"Just 3 Boyz" a warped sitcom about the hijinks that occur when three guys live together.

Episode 10 Episode 10

Episode 09

Devoted entirely to "The Carpet Brothers," starring David Spade, Tim Meadows and Will Ferrell.

Episode 09 Episode 09

Episode 08

The final edition of "Casual Sex" and part two of "Holdup."

Episode 08 Episode 08

Episode 07

Including sketches from "The Slovin & Allen Show" plus, office pranks and sleeping celebrities.

Episode 07 Episode 07

Episode 06

Including 'One Thousand Cats,' a one-man musical stage extravaganza.

Episode 06 Episode 06

Episode 05

Including "Holdup," a miniseries about two crazy bank robbers and crazier hostages.

Episode 05 Episode 05

Episode 04

A grown man shows his stepfather how he really feels.

Episode 04 Episode 04

Episode 03

Including a new music video from Mike O'Connell and "Sleeping With Celebrities."

Episode 03 Episode 03

Episode 02

Including Sleeping with Celebrities, The Slovin and Allen Show, Baboon Heart and more.

Episode 02 Episode 02

Episode 01

Including Derek Waters LOL, Playground Politics, Designated Driver and Space Baby.

Episode 01 Episode 01