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Season 2

22: Evicted

Bret and Jemaine get evicted and stage a musical to pay off their landlord.

22: Evicted 22: Evicted

21: Wingmen

Bret and Jemaine stage a mugging to impress a lady.

21: Wingmen 21: Wingmen

20: New Zealand Town

Bret and Jemaine become addicted to hair gel.

20: New Zealand Town 20: New Zealand Town

19: Prime Minister

Bret and Jemaine meet the prime minister of New Zealand.

19: Prime Minister 19: Prime Minister

18: Love is a Weapon of Choice

Bret and Jemaine fall in love with the same girl.

18: Love is a Weapon of Choice 18: Love is a Weapon of Choice

17: Unnatural Love

Jemaine's Australian girlfriend ruins his life.

17: Unnatural Love 17: Unnatural Love

16: Murray Takes it to the Next Level

The guys become friends with Murray (for a while).

16: Murray Takes it to the Next Level 16: Murray Takes it to the Next Level

15: The Tough Brets

Bret starts a gang for his own protection.

15: The Tough Brets 15: The Tough Brets

14: New Cup

Bret becomes a prostitute to pay off his reckless cup purchase.

14: New Cup 14: New Cup

13: A Good Opportunity

Murray and the guys become sell-outs.  For a few days, anyway.

13: A Good Opportunity 13: A Good Opportunity

Season 1

12: The Third Conchord

When Murray springs a new band member on the guys, it causes much disharmony.

12: The Third Conchord 12: The Third Conchord

11: The Actor

To cheer up Murray, the guys enlist a semi-professional actor to pose as a record label guy.

11: The Actor 11: The Actor

10: New Fans

Murray urges the guys to make their image more "rock 'n roll," and they pick up some new fans.

10: New Fans 10: New Fans

09: What Goes on Tour

Murray dips into his bank account to finance a warm-up tour to prep for a big gig.

09: What Goes on Tour 09: What Goes on Tour

08: Girlfriends

Bret acts as Jemaine's "wingman"and Murray makes a CD deal.

08: Girlfriends 08: Girlfriends

07: Drive By

Bret and Jemaine fight a race war and Murray falls for the tech support woman.

07: Drive By 07: Drive By

06: Bowie

Bret gets help with body issues from Jemaine, Mel and David Bowie (in a dream).

06: Bowie 06: Bowie

05: Sally Returns

When Sally shows up again, things get complicated with Jemaine, Bret and Coco.

05: Sally Returns 05: Sally Returns

04: Yoko

Jemaine feels crowded by Bret's new girlfriend Coco and accuses her of being the band's Yoko.

04: Yoko 04: Yoko

03: Mugged

Bret and Jemaine's friendship is put to the test after they come face to face with some muggers.

03: Mugged 03: Mugged

02: Bret Gives up the Dream

Bret leaves the band to take a real job. Murray and Jemaine are forced to seek his replacement.

02: Bret Gives up the Dream 02: Bret Gives up the Dream

01: Sally

Bret and Jemaine have relocated their band, Flight of the Conchords, to New York.

01: Sally 01: Sally