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About the Show

The seven 15-minute episodes of Single Long center on two young Chicagoans: unemployed Pete (Ed Hausman) and his photographer friend/roommate Isaac (Jack Lawrence Mayer), who live together and rent a converted closet to Craigslist roommate Noah (Mitch Salm) to earn extra cash.  Created by and starring Lawrence Mayer, Sarra Jahedi and Ed Hausman, Single Long (winner of the 2011 Chicago Comedy TV Pilot Competition) follows Pete and Isaac's attempt to get a hipster dating website called "Single Long" up and running; on the other side of the El, their comedian friend Ayla (Jahedi) tries to establish herself on the Chicago stand-up scene. Interviewing their early-20s contemporaries (and each other) on camera for the site's profiles, the guys find everyone has a story about the long and oft-perplexing search for love.  As they try to find matches for even the most outrageous (or pitiful) clients, they discover it's even more difficult to navigate the ups and downs of their own relationships.   


Single Long