HBO: About: Frequently Asked Questions: Schedule FAQs

  1. The schedule looks different, has something changed?

    Yes, we've updated the schedule to include some new and updated features and functionality including: 

    *Updated navigation for movement through weeks, days and hours of the schedule grid
    *New options for printing the schedule: current view (prints the current screen), custom view (allows you to select your time, channel and time of day preferences) and the pdf download program guide
    *Expanded program and episode reminders
    *Program schedule previews, available via hover by rolling over the Schedule button on your favorite program site
    *The ability to share individual program details via email or to as a post to a social network.
    *Additional grid highlight states like "first run" that enable you to find the first airing of your favorite HBO programs.

    For more information on each of these features, please review the related FAQS from this list.

  2. How do I access the schedule?

    You can access the schedule at any time throughout your experience by clicking Schedule on the Toolbar at the bottom right of the site. You may also hover over the Schedule button in order to see a preview of schedule listings for individual programs. The hover will include the next two TV and HBO On Demand airings for your chosen program.

  3. What schedule information is available? offers listings for all HBO channels and HBO On Demand. You may view 6 weeks of HBO programming information for HBO's main channels and 4 weeks of programminginformation for HBO On Demand at all times.

  4. How do I move forward and back within the schedule?

    There are several ways to navigate through time intervals in the HBO Schedule. To navigate between weeks, click the ""Week of"" navigation in the top right of the schedule grid. You may navigate to up to 6 weeks of data beginning with This Week. To navigate between days within a week, simply click the day of your choosing using the Sun through Sat day navigation shown in the top middle of the schedule grid. To navigate between hours with a day, either drag the timeline slider immediately next to the title of the day that you selected or use the left and right arrows with theschedule grid to advance forward and backward. By default, the schedule begins on the current date/time.

  5. How can I highlight certain types of programs on the schedule? If I've selected a highlight, how do I unselect it?

    To highlight the program types that interest you most, use the category buttons at the bottom of the schedule. Clicking on a category will highlight only those programs on the schedule that match your selection. You may from highlilght based upon your programming category preference: series, movies, documentaries, sports or comedy or based upon programming attributes like: True HD or First Run. To remove the highlight, simply click the selected category again.

  6. What is True HD?

    Programming that is created in 1080i HD is labeled "True HD". Any program not originally produced in HD is upconverted by HBO to the 1080i format. The HBO schedule may befiltered to identify HD programming by selecting the True HD filter at the bottom of the schedule.

  7. Where can I download the PDF version of the Schedule?

    To download the PDF version of the Schedule, click Full Schedule on the Toolbar at the bottom of the site. With the Schedule open, click Download PDF in the upper right corner of the overlay.

  8. What is First Run?

    First Run refers to the premiere or first airing of an program or episode of a program. Selecting the First Run filter from the schedule highlight options will display onlyfirst airings for a program.  Likewise, setting up a program reminder for a particular title, will remind you of first run airings of a program only.

  9. How can I print the schedule?

    There are three options for printing the schedule accessible from the Print/Download Schedule option in the top right of the schedule grid - Current View:  allows you to print the on-screen view of the schedule. This view will display six total hours of the schedule including the current date/time. Customizable View: allows you to set and print schedule timeframes up to six weeks with custom settings for time of day and channels printed. Program Guide (PDF): allows you to download the HBO featured programming guide.

  10. Where can I download the PDF version of the schedule?

    To download the PDF version of the Schedule, click Schedule on the Toolbar at the bottom of the site. With the Schedule open, select Program Guide (PDF) from the Print/Download Schedule option in the upper right of the schedule grid overlay.

  11. How do I access the On Demand schedule?

    You can access the HBO On Demand schedule by selecting the On Demand link from the upper left hand corner of the schedule overlay. The On Demand schedule includes four weeks of data for all available On Demand categories as well as a featured view of On Demand offerings on the On Demand schedule landing page.

  12. What do the Now and Primetime Tonight buttons do?

    The Now and Primetime Tonight buttons allow you to quickly jump to specific date/time intervals with the TV schedule grid. Now takes you back to the current date/time and Primetime Tonight will jump you directly to tonight's 8pm program airings.

  13. What are the east/west coast options?

    Some HBO subscribers have access to both the East Coast and West Coast feeds of the HBO service.  To navigate between the two options, select your choice in the top left above the channels listing  and the information below should automatically update.

  14. How do I get more detail on a particular title?

    To access program details from the Schedule, simply click a program name. You may also get a preview of all showing details by hovering over that title on the schedule grid.

  15. How do I find all showings for a particular title?

    To find all showings for a particular title, first access program details by clicking a program name in the schedule. Then click All Showings. You may select All Television or all On Demand Showings from the drop-down.

  16. How do I set a schedule reminder?

    To set a schedule reminder, first access program details by clicking a program name in the schedule. Then fill in your email address, select a timing option and click SetReminder. You may set reminders for a program or single episodes of a program. Reminders are available for both the TV schedule and the On Demand schedule. If you select the program schedule reminder, you will be reminded for all First Run airings of that program.

  17. How do I share a title with a friend?

    You may share the details of an individual program title via the Share functionality available on the program details card for all program titles. There are two options for sharing: email to a friend and post to a social networking site. Both options will provide a link back to your chosen title on the site.

  18. How do I search for a schedule title?

    You may search for a title within the schedule by using the schedule search functionality available in the bottom right of schedule gird overlay. Results will be provided for both TV and On Demand listings for a title.  Schedule search results may also be found by using the universal site search in the persistent site bottom toolbar.

  19. What does "Podcast available now" mean?

    If a Podcast is available of a particular program, "Podcast available now" will appear in the detail view.  Selecting the link, will take you to iTunes to access the program.